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The school aims to work closely with parents and recognises the importance of this teamwork in delivering a successful education to all our pupils.

From this page, you will be able to access information which may be useful. 
Other information can be obtained by contacting the headteacher on Tel: 01698 268405 / 
Fax: 01698 458863 or by email:

The school has a Parent Council in place! Information regarding the council will appear on the website soon?


Homework Help and Advice for Parents

Homework help for parents

Why is homework important?

Homework is learning which children do for themselves, perhaps with the support of parents or other family members such as grandparents or older brothers/sisters.
It is used to raise attainment, practise work taught in class and to further develop research skills.
It also provides a link with home and school, allows parents to experience the tasks being tackled by the children and instils self-discipline.
We request your support to ensure a high standard of work and would ask you to sign homework on completion.


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